Some At Words Are Easy For Kids


To teach your child at family words use our fill in the blank "demo" song if they don't know letter sounds. Otherwise, practice on the Brainsprays whiteboard.

Child Knows Their ABCs? Sing The At Word Song

Knows Letter Sounds? Practice Reading At Words


If your child knows what a cat is and knows most of their ABCs, it's a great time to start singing at word songs with them. If they know the related letter sounds, they can start reading the word cat within weeks.


While small children see a cat in a book or video almost every day, bats often only appear in video frequently around Halloween. But they typically make a big impression. Bat also conveniently rhymes with two other mammals your child probably knows.


The Brainsprays' Pre-K font is free to download and designed to be customizable even for those that don't have programming experience.


The Brainsprays' Pre-K font is free to download and designed to be customizable even for those that don't have programming experience.


At is one of the most frequently used English words. But it's hard for kids that don't know letter sounds to spell because they hav 


When you select or tailor the Pre-K font to your child any online books, assessments or whiteboards you build on Brainsprays will use that font.

Our process


Demo: You to Your Child

Click or say "start" with your child then start answering, singing with or otherwise interacting with our voice recognizing videos. With a little encouragement, your child will join in.    


Follow: Practice Together (You and Your Child)

After your child starts to join in, they will start to begin actually responding on their own (learning). Every child is different, so our system tracks your child's responses and analyzes them for the next lesson. 


Your Child Solos 

Different children are comfortable responding independently based on factors other than proficiency (such as personality). Once your child does, we prepare the next lesson to capture an assessment generated and conducted by artificial intelligence.  


Official Transcript and Next Lesson

Although, our system is based on the advantage of voice recognition technology in constantly assessing and refining, when your child is able to perform a task by theirselves, it's a key milestone. We are unique in that we take preschool reading milestones very, very serious. We know the impact they will have on education options in the near future so we have a proprietary system that generates a secure and anonymous official transcript of their progress. 


Your Child Reads & Teaches (Stuffed Animals)

Invariable, your child will share the joy of learning to read by teaching others (a stuffed animal, friend, grandparent or person they hold in high esteem). This often coincides with mastery of the task.