Fonts Can Confuse Pre-K Readers

Three letter words
Sight words
Easy books
To their parents

The lowercase a and t letters mom or dad prints rarely look like the lowercase a and t you see in most books.

How It Works

Our process


Demo: You to Your Child

Click or say "start" with your child then start answering, singing with or otherwise interacting with our voice recognizing videos. With a little encouragement, your child will join in.    


Follow: Practice Together (You and Your Child)

After your child starts to join in, they will start to begin actually responding on their own (learning). Every child is different, so our system tracks your child's responses and analyzes them for the next lesson. 


Your Child Solos 

Different children are comfortable responding independently based on factors other than proficiency (such as personality). Once your child does, we prepare the next lesson to capture an assessment generated and conducted by artificial intelligence.  


Official Transcript and Next Lesson

Although, our system is based on the advantage of voice recognition technology in constantly assessing and refining, when your child is able to perform a task by theirselves, it's a key milestone. We are unique in that we take preschool reading milestones very, very serious. We know the impact they will have on education options in the near future so we have a proprietary system that generates a secure and anonymous official transcript of their progress. 


Your Child Reads & Teaches (Stuffed Animals)

Invariable, your child will share the joy of learning to read by teaching others (a stuffed animal, friend, grandparent or person they hold in high esteem). This often coincides with mastery of the task.

Your Child's Starting Point Isn't Based on Age


Letter Sounds

Knowing the sound, or sounds, each letter makes is a key building block in reading. The sooner your child starts, learning which letter presents which sound (or phoneme) the easier it will be for your child to read.


Blending Letters Sounds

Once your child has.even a partial grasp on the which letters represent which sounds, it's a great time to start learning how these sounds are put together, or blended, into what becomes words. 


Three Letter Word Families

Combining individual letter sounds (blending) that form simple three letter words is easy way to get your child reading. These words are often referred to as CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words and most are already part of your chid's vocabulary,


Super Simple Sight Words

"Dog can run" is not a complete sentence. But if we add a high frequency word, such as "A", "My" or "The" to the beginning, it becomes a sentence. However, word like "the" are can't be blended with just consonant and vowel sounds. So we help children memorize a handful of these words very early on.


Custom Interactive Sentences

If your child can read "My dog can run", by sounding out three words and remembering the site word "my", then they can read over 300 other short sentences using the same approach. Ideally, these sentences are tailored to your child's performance on the previous lessons. Our     


Reading Very Simple Books 

Recommends specific Based on your child's anonymous transcript, Brainsprays generates books your child can read successfully. These books are leveled (rated independently for stages of reading development).