3-5 year olds are solving

Times Tables
81 Addition Facts

Within weeks using custom Alexa Lessons by Brainsprays

How It Works


1. Start for Free

You tell us your child's personality and set a goal.  

We build your first custom Alexa lesson "Free of Charge"


2. Reach your Goal

Once your child successfully learns, you win another free custom lesson for the next goal.

Just say, "Alexa, enable Next Number"


3. Prize Closet

After reaching more then five goals, we build a "prize closet" tailored to major math goals.

"Alexa, stock my prize closet with Dollar Toys"


Major Math Leap

Reach a major math goal and you get free custom lessons for one year. 

From addition facts to high-school algebra, a major leap depends on your child.

Why It Works



A Brainsprays lesson is started when the parent or the child say's the lesson name. That name is part of the learning process.



The very first question your child will hear a Brainsprays lesson ask is "What would you like to win today?"



Every lesson has a clue (or "hack") that very small children can understand and use to help them solve math problems.



One on one engagement, regardless of the medium or channel, is almost always superior to group instruction.


Existing Videos

Brainsprays' lessons account for a maybe 1/100th of learning effort. Existing tools you love are still useful.


Existing Apps

Brainsprays recommends specific iPad/Tablet apps from trusted sources, our Alexa lessons are a learning lever.


Our Goal is Simple

1 Million Preschoolers Solving 81 Addition Problems

For the past several decades there's been one constant in primary and secondary education in the US: our children are far behind their global peers of the same age in math.
In Singapore, for instance, the average student is 3.5 years ahead of the average American student in math.
Some have proposed longer school years, higher teacher pay and even paying children to go to school. The MathHacks solution, while simple, is a proven, low or no cost alternative that relies on three core advantages:
 Get results faster (weeks, not years) Gets results sooner (before they get to first grade, not after) Get children motivated to use the skills they learned


Off The Rack

Free Forever

Take our free MathHacks Assessment and simply work you way through the different lessons at your pace trying to meet the projected timeline. There's no customization, so there's no charge. It's our mission.

Custom Curriculum


A customized MathHack's Curriculum works best for many families with limited time but high hopes for getting their children as far ahead in math as fast as possible. Like all of our lessons, it's free to start and you only have to pay for a customized program.

Easy Times Tables


Want your 3-6 year old doing their 2, 3, 5, 10 and 11 times tables in as little as four weeks? Our unique system can be tailored to your preferences with respect to prizes and incentives. Most parents are amazed that their child can go from counting to 25 to doing multiplication at this age.

Guaranteed Times Tables


Want a guarantee that you child will be able to solve all 144 Multiplication Problems (times tables) in as little as four months, and no longer than one year? This package guarantees it, with a customized curriculum and customized lessons.

Want to partner with us?

We are always seeking retailers willing to
offer discounts on rewards parents use to stock MathHack "Prize Closets."


We're always ready to discuss partnering with retailers, educators, developers, parents and hackers.
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