Empower your child with

Peaceful Naps
Increased IQ
Increased Focus

Within weeks using custom Nap Scapes on Alexa by Brainsprays

Supercharge Your Child's Naps


1. Start for Free

All you have to do is say few words to Alexa to get started:  

Just say "Alexa, open Nap Scape" and a calming guide to your first nap will begin.


2. Discover your Goals

Every nap is a lesson for you and your child along their unique journey to learning to put themselves to sleep.

You get a brief email based on when and how long your child napped.


3. Prize Closet

As you and your child achieve the goals of peaceful rest, you will earn digital rewards commemorating developmental milestones..

"Alexa, what's in my prize closet"

Our Not So "Secret" Sauce


Easy to Start

If you can say "Alexa, start NapScape" you are well on your way to teaching your child to put themselves to sleep.


Tailored to Your Child

After your first few days of naps, suggestions are sent by email with ways to make naps even better."


Periodic Reports

Once you've successfully used your child's Nap Scape with several naps, periodic reports on your child nap plan are available.


Successful Naps

In about six weeks, on average, of consistently using Nap Scape, your child should start sleeping better..


Independent Sleeper

Over time, your child will take more and more control over the napping process and, effectively put themselves to sleep.


Wake Up Routine

We've found that wants your child is putting themselves to sleep, a world of learning opens up.. Wake up routines can help accelerate this learning.


Why Free Nap Lessons on Alexa? Our Goal is Simple

1 Million Preschoolers Reading 100 Site Words

For the past several decades there's been one constant in primary and secondary education in the US: our children are far behind their global peers of the same age in math and reading.
In Singapore, for instance, the average student is 2.5 years ahead of the average American student in reading.
Some have proposed longer school years, higher teacher pay and even paying children to go to school. The Brainsprays solution, while simple, is a proven, low or no cost alternative that relies on three core advantages:
● Get results faster (months, not years)● Gets results sooner (before they get to first grade, not after)● Get children motivated to use the skills they learned
But a prerequisite to early reading, perhaps surprisingly, is often consistent, peaceful naps and night time sleeping. Hence, Brainsprays' free Alexa nap lessons using Nap Scape.