Sight Word "The" Rhymes With?

"Thee" Or "Thuh"
Both Are Correct
"Thuh" Before Consonant
Before Vowel "Thee"
Either Earns An NFT

Simply hearing sounds matched with letters at a very young age makes early reading easier.

Playing Letter B Makes This Sound Is Easy


Watch, listen and play along to the " Sight Word The" video.

When your child consistent see "the" and say either /th/ + /e/ or /th/+ /ðə/, they're ready to take the assessment.


Listen and sing along to the "Spell Wesley | With A Song" video.

Just say, "Play, Sight The"

Music Streaming

Listen and play along to the "Letter B | What Letter Makes This Sound" video.

Just say, "Play, Sight Word The"


Once your child has taken and passed the assessment, a One-Of-A-Kind NFT documenting and commemorating gets minted 


Our Goal is Simple

1 Million Preschoolers Reading 100 Sight Words

For the past several decades there's been one constant in primary and secondary education in the US: our children are far behind their global peers of the same age in math and reading.

In Singapore, for instance, the average student is 2.5 years ahead of the average American student in reading.

Some have proposed longer school years, higher teacher pay and even paying children to go to school. The Brainsprays solution, while simple, is a proven, low or no cost alternative that relies on three core advantages:

● Get results faster (months, not years)
● Gets results sooner (before they get to first grade, not after)
● Get children motivated to use the skills they learned