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Your Journey to Preschool Reading

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Realistic Goals 

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What's achievable with a preschooler? When those that love you are involved, what's possible increases exponentially. We'll help you set realistic goals as soon as you sign up..

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Talk With Alexa

"Open Reading by Christmas"

Just like your child's first steps, being there as your child learns to read is special. Our lessons engage them and guide you through each step.

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Claim Your Prizes

Prize Closet

Heathy incentives seem to work so well for children and parents also! We've built incentives in to all of our lessons and have guides for parents to customize those incentives using our "prize closet" tool. 

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Your Child's Learning Inspires 

The lessons don't stop after your child starts reading. In fact, we'll give you one free pass to Reading by Christmas so that someone that can't afford the one-time $29.95 lifelong subscription can teach their child.**